I created several mosaics inspired by the game Space-Invaders.

  At home and elsewhere.

  For a long time, I like the simple, imaginary, psychedelic graphic universe.

  Its raw, bright and attractive colors.

  I am also passionate about astrology and space conquest.

So I had created some charts just for me. It seemed obvious to me to share my art modestly.

  — May 2021 — I started by creating 100 SpaceShips_NFTs

  Each with different properties consistent and make the cards playable.

— May 2021 –

First official protection of the artworks with the INPI

— June to August 2021 –

  • I wanted to list my collection but I found the eth fees are too expensive
  • So I waited for an opportunity and I created my TWITTER and INSTAGRAM account.

— September 2021 –

  • I didn’t want to make a “mint machine” because with this system you can’t see what you buy
  • I decided to list the collection on SolChain, on 12th I listed the 100 SpacesShips_NFTs on DIGITALEYES
  • I created the WEBSITE and the DISCORD

For the SpaceShips_NFTs, I made some mistakes in creations and royalties

I also had to improve my communication by creating a more qualitative community

The success was thus mitigated, just 32 SpaceShips_NFTs were sold

  • I had a lot of inspiration to improve the aesthetics of the SpaceShips
  • I decided to create the 1000 CARDs for have directly the properties displayed on and to give the project a new life

The CARDs are an update of the nfts. Properties and categories are the same.

The SpaceShips is filtered with different filters.

Some cards are less frequent and are replaced by other common ones. There are :

SER (Super Extra Rare) : 0,6%

SR (Super Rare) : 2,4%

R  (Rare) : 17,8%

Of course I imagined playable cards. And the one with the best rank or score is not necessarily the one that wins

— October 2021 –

  • The second listing on MAGICEDEN was not a great success, only a part cards were sold
  • It seems to me that it’s not the quality of the collection that is important, it’s only the social hype that it can produce
  • But this allows us to refocus the community on what is really important, communication

The number of followers and the volume are suitable.

We have to choose together the form of the events to come in

Candy machine :

850 Uniques hand drawn Artworks mint

0.2 SOL – 5% royalties

Website :

Giveaways on discord and twitter